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Master the 3 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Brainstorming Method

Even the most seasoned authors occasionally face writer’s block or struggle to generate fresh ideas. You can use the methods you develop from your brainstorming session to develop new ways to engage your readers with fresh material in your stories. Brainstorming works by transforming an ordinary story into an extraordinary one through the use of creative techniques that explore topics and organise your thoughts.

When you get your brainstorming topics out of your head and onto paper, you can see them in greater detail, increasing your chances of discovering something innovative and novel. Wouldn’t it be great to broaden your subject or topic by developing new strategies and approaches to your idea?


Handout Instructions

STEP 1. Click the “Download Your PDF Handout Button.” It will redirect you to a new page where you can click the download icon to save this PDF Handout to your computer. Create a folder specifically for saving your ideas and save your PDF template in it.

STEP 2. Open the downloaded PDF handout in a PDF viewer

STEP 3. Save your files in your handout’s ideas computer folder so you can refer to them again and again.


Do you want to learn more now that you’ve tried the sampling? Do you want to learn something new and discover more techniques to brainstorm productively so that your writing process goes smoothly and effortlessly?

M1-S102 Brainstorming Techniques for Writing

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