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Are you tired of staring at a blank page, struggling to find the perfect words to bring your ideas to life? Don’t you yearn to hone your craft and take your writing to the next level? Do you want to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create compelling and impactful stories that resonate with your readers and publishers? If so, enrolling in our online creative writing courses could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Our online creative writing courses provide you with the tools and resources you need to hone your writing skills and become a more effective communicator. Our courses are designed to help you develop your creativity and refine your writing techniques. And the best part? Our online creative writing courses are flexible and convenient. In fact, you can learn from the comfort of your own home at your own pace and fit your coursework around your schedule, allowing you to pursue your passion for writing without sacrificing other important aspects of your life. There is no need to commute or adhere to strict class times. You can access course materials anytime, anywhere.

Imagine finally finishing that book or publishing a collection of short stories that you’re proud of. Enrolling in an online creative writing course is the first step to turning that dream into a reality. Enrolling in one of our online creative writing courses will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to craft compelling stories that leave a lasting impression on your readers. We offer a wide range of courses covering everything from fiction writing to creative nonfiction. You’ll learn how to create vivid characters, build dynamic plots, and craft engaging dialogue that will keep readers hooked from start to finish.

So don’t let fear or doubt hold you back – take the leap and invest in yourself and your writing today if you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, enrol in one of our online creative writing courses today! With the skills and support you’ll gain, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your writing goals.

M1-S101 How to choose Your Book Idea

Find an idea you’re passionate about and uniquely qualified to write about and a premise there’s a market for.


M1-S102 Brainstorming Techniques for Writing

Learn how to master the brainstorming techniques that successful authors have used to develop their books.


M1-S103 How to Use a Ghostwriter Effectively

If this is the path you choose, we show you how to hire the right ghostwriter or co-authoring service for your book to avoid ownership and intellectual property rights disputes.


M1-S104 Research for Writing a Book Masterclass

Learn the best research strategies to enhance your productivity and improve the depth and richness of your story.


M1-S105 How to Write a Killer Book Outline

Understand outlining methods and find the type that will help you create a framework for your book without sapping creativity.


M1-S206 Distinguishing between Fiction and Non-Fiction

Learn about the key features and traits of the two overarching book genres – fiction and non-fiction – to start honing in on your market, audience, and theme.


M1-S207 How to Identify Your Writing’s Target Audience

Understand reader demographics by genre and learn to attract the readers who will become your book’s biggest promoters.


M1-S208 How to Select Your Book’s Theme

Understand universal themes and craft a powerful one that underpins your message to make your book relevant and relatable for readers.


M1-S209 How to Make Your Book’s Genre Work for You

Learn about book genres and what publishers require and readers expect from books in your chosen genre.


M1-S210 Master the Fundamentals of Book Word Count and Page Numbers

Work out how many words your book should be to meet the key requirements for publishing.


M1-S311 How to Craft a Strong Hook

Learn to craft a great hook that captures your reader’s attention and keeps them turning page after page.


M1-S312 Master Ways to Make Your Dialogue Effective

How to write meaningful dialogue that enhances – rather than interrupts – your story.


M1-S313 The Ultimate Character Development Course

How to capture the essence of a person with life-like characters that enrich your story with human strengths, flaws, and emotions.


M1-S314 The Definitive Course for Developing Plots

Craft an engaging plotline and master the different structural elements that successful authors use to keep readers guessing.


M1-S315 How to Choose the Right Setting for Your Novel

Set a memorable and unique location for your book and learn techniques to transport your readers there.


M1-S416 How to Avoid Common Writing Errors

Learn to avoid the preventable mistakes other writers make that frustrate readers to ensure your manuscript meets publisher standards.


M1-S417 How to Use Cliches and Slang Effectively

How to use cliches and slang effectively to convey meaning and express your unique voice as a writer.


M1-S418 How to Write Without Being Predictable

How to increase tension, suspense, and drama in your book without recycling overused and predictable events.


M1-S419 How to Start a Book and Craft a Strong Ending

Learn what captivates readers at the beginning of a book and how to write a good ending that’s memorable for your readers.


M1-S420 How to Trim the Fat and Avoid Unnecessary Words

How to rid your manuscript of unnecessary words that detract from its power.


M1-S521 How To Make a Writing Schedule that Works

Learn guidelines for effective time management and create a writing schedule to enhance your productivity.


M1-S522 How to Overcome Writing Challenges

How to channel your creativity and overcome common obstacles to finishing your manuscript.


M1-S523 Discover the Secrets of Writing Best-Sellers

Learn tried-and-true rules that successful authors use for research, writing, and routine.


M1-S524 How to Set Goals for Literary Success

Create your roadmap to success and set achievable writing goals to make your writing process more manageable and less overwhelming.


M1-S525 Tools and Templates for Book Writing

Finish your manuscript faster with book writing templates and productivity-powering, purpose-built software and tools.