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M1-S101 How to choose Your Book Idea

Find an idea you’re passionate about and uniquely qualified to write about and a premise there’s a market for.


M1-S102 Brainstorming Techniques for Writing

Learn how to master the brainstorming techniques that successful authors have used to develop their books.


M1-S103 How to Use a Ghostwriter Effectively

If this is the path you choose, we show you how to hire the right ghostwriter or co-authoring service for your book to avoid ownership and intellectual property rights disputes.


M1-S104 Research for Writing a Book Masterclass

Learn the best research strategies to enhance your productivity and improve the depth and richness of your story.


M1-S105 How to Write a Killer Book Outline

Understand outlining methods and find the type that will help you create a framework for your book without sapping creativity.


M1-S206 Distinguishing between Fiction and Non-Fiction

Learn about the key features and traits of the two overarching book genres – fiction and non-fiction – to start honing in on your market, audience, and theme.


M1-S207 How to Identify Your Writing’s Target Audience

Understand reader demographics by genre and learn to attract the readers who will become your book’s biggest promoters.


M1-S208 How to Select Your Book’s Theme

Understand universal themes and craft a powerful one that underpins your message to make your book relevant and relatable for readers.


M1-S209 How to Make Your Book’s Genre Work for You

Learn about book genres and what publishers require and readers expect from books in your chosen genre.


M1-S210 Master the Fundamentals of Book Word Count and Page Numbers

Work out how many words your book should be to meet the key requirements for publishing.


M1-S311 How to Craft a Strong Hook

Learn to craft a great hook that captures your reader’s attention and keeps them turning page after page.


M1-S312 Master Ways to Make Your Dialogue Effective

How to write meaningful dialogue that enhances – rather than interrupts – your story.


M1-S313 The Ultimate Character Development Course

How to capture the essence of a person with life-like characters that enrich your story with human strengths, flaws, and emotions.


M1-S314 The Definitive Course for Developing Plots

Craft an engaging plotline and master the different structural elements that successful authors use to keep readers guessing.


M1-S315 How to Choose the Right Setting for Your Novel

Set a memorable and unique location for your book and learn techniques to transport your readers there.


M1-S416 How to Avoid Common Writing Errors

Learn to avoid the preventable mistakes other writers make that frustrate readers to ensure your manuscript meets publisher standards.


M1-S417 How to Use Cliches and Slang Effectively

How to use cliches and slang effectively to convey meaning and express your unique voice as a writer.


M1-S418 How to Write Without Being Predictable

How to increase tension, suspense, and drama in your book without recycling overused and predictable events.


M1-S419 How to Start a Book and Craft a Strong Ending

Learn what captivates readers at the beginning of a book and how to write a good ending that’s memorable for your readers.


M1-S420 How to Trim the Fat and Avoid Unnecessary Words

How to rid your manuscript of unnecessary words that detract from its power.


M1-S521 How To Make a Writing Schedule that Works

Learn guidelines for effective time management and create a writing schedule to enhance your productivity.


M1-S522 How to Overcome Writing Challenges

How to channel your creativity and overcome common obstacles to finishing your manuscript.


M1-S523 Discover the Secrets of Writing Best-Sellers

Learn tried-and-true rules that successful authors use for research, writing, and routine.


M1-S524 How to Set Goals for Literary Success

Create your roadmap to success and set achievable writing goals to make your writing process more manageable and less overwhelming.


M1-S525 Tools and Templates for Book Writing

Finish your manuscript faster with book writing templates and productivity-powering, purpose-built software and tools.