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How to CALCULATE your Book’s Word Count

To be a successful writer, you must know the difference between the page count and the word count. You will learn that word counts and page counts are not evaluated in the same manner from the publishers’ perspective. Once you have mastered the usage of word counts, you will be able to create and publish books with much more ease. Plus, you will be more organised when you make a schedule for your writing efforts.

In this lesson, you will discover formulas that are industry standards so that you can calculate the number of words in your book.


Handout Instructions

STEP 1. Click the “Download Your PDF Handout Button.” It will redirect you to a new page where you can click the download icon to save this PDF Handout to your computer. Create a folder specifically for saving your ideas and save your PDF template in it.

STEP 2. Open the downloaded PDF handout in a PDF viewer

STEP 3. Save your files in your handout’s ideas computer folder so you can refer to them again and again.


Do you want to learn more now that you’ve tried the sampling? Do you want to learn something new and be able to identify how many words you should write every day to meet your writing goal?

With this course, you’ll get fantastic handbooks that show

how different story types determine your word counts,

and lists of best-selling fiction

and non-fiction book word counts to compare.

M1-S210 Master the Fundamentals of Book Word Counts and Page Numbers

This option may be right for you if you’re looking for a more focused learning experience. Most budding writers think in terms of pages, not words; however, the publishing industry speaks in terms of word counts. This course will help you learn what a literary agent or a publisher considers a faux pas when it comes to presenting your word counts. With 7 lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and review the material as many times as you need to fully understand the concepts.

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