My Manuscript Countdown

a writer’s word count journal

My Manuscript Coundown is a perfect gift for those who want to write a book or plan to do so.
Are you working on a book project right now? What’s your target market? What’s your genre? How many words are you aiming for? How many words are required by the publishing company?  Even if you’re an aspiring author who wants to self-publish, it’s a good idea to stick to industry standards because they’ve been proven to work over many years.   
Knowing your word count before you start writing helps you plan your writing schedule. No matter how focused or motivated you are, there is a limit to how many words you can write in a day or within any given period. 
My Manuscript Coundown contains a helpful reference guide to help you calculate the number of words your manuscript needs. By being aware of how many words you need, you can create a more realistic plan to approach your writing. 
My Manuscript Coundown lets you take control of your writing project and see how productive you are. It literally helps you track the time you spend on your manuscript in one place to measure your progress.  
My Manuscript Coundown forces you to be consistent to meet your deadlines by recording your daily, weekly, and monthly word counts. 

My Manuscript Coundown is a must-have word count tracker that has been specifically designed for authors. Regardless if you are an aspiring or seasoned writer or if you write fiction or non-fiction.   

My Manuscript Coundown includes:

  • An Annual Planner to plan your writing project

  • A Monthly Word Count Planner that totals your word count for the month.

  • A Daily Word Count Planner enables you to record your writing sprints. There is also a progressive word count to see at a glance how many words you are up to.

  • A To-Do List to jot down items you need to do for your book.

  • A Notes Area where you can write down anything that comes to mind.

  • A Reference Guide on how to calculate your average word count.

  • A table of recommended industry-standard genre and story word counts.