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Author and Entrepreneur Mark Brigden

Let us introduce you to Author Mark Brigden. He is a successful business coach and strategist as well as being the author of Become a Game Changer (the business playbook for the internet era). In Become a Game Changer, Mark gives you insights, formulas and exercises to help overcome personal and professional boundaries that have held back the successful entrepreneur inside.

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Mark Brigden Video Interviews

Who is a Game Changer?

Are you someone who disrupts the status quo, someone who brings about significant change, and sets a new standard for how things are done? Then you are a Game Changer, according to Mark Brigden.

How did you research your book?

Before you write your book, what kind of research do you perform and how do you include it? In the process of creating a book, one of the most important steps is doing research. Find out how Mark Brigden managed to get his research done and what tactics he utilised.

How did you categorise your research?

What kind of system do you presently have in place for organising your research? An essential part of the writing process is developing systems for filing and organising one’s research in the appropriate manner. Mark Brigden describes how he keeps track of the information and notes related to the research he did for his book.

What was the best book-writing advice you’ve received?

It’s important to remember that there is no specific formula for writing a book, and it varies from writer to writer. Ultimately, the most essential recommendation for writing a book is to figure out what works for you and to be patient. Mark Brigden provides his easy book writing tips that he discovered work.

What’s your advice to new writers?

It is essential to keep in mind that writing is a process and that it takes some time to become better at it. Becoming a good writer will need a lot of practice and hard work, but if you are dedicated and persistent, you will be able to realise your objectives and become successful. Mark Brigden provides insightful guidance that can help make the process easier for you.

What inspired the idea for “Become a Game Changer”?

The origins of one writer’s inspiration and motivation are likely to be quite different from those of another writer since the two concepts are so subjective. It is essential for every writer to determine what works best for them in order to break through creative obstacles and maintain their motivation throughout the writing process. Mark Brigden discusses the ideas and experiences that drove him to write his book.

What’s your favourite aspect of book publishing?

What kind of relationship do you have with the people who read your work? Interacting with readers is a terrific method for writers to connect with their audience, gather useful feedback, market their work, and establish a community of committed followers. Establishing a personal connection with readers may also assist to make the process of writing more gratifying and pleasurable. This can be accomplished by writing in a way that shows readers you care about them as individuals. Mark Brigden explains why communicating with his readers is his favourite part of publishing his book and shares some of his thoughts on the subject.

What did you like least about publishing your book?

What aspect of publishing your book do you detest the most from a personal standpoint, and why? In the end, publishing a book may be a challenging process; nevertheless, if you have the right mindset and approach, it can be an experience that is gratifying and meaningful. You may improve your chances of success and have more fun along the road of publishing your book if you are well-prepared for the difficulties that may arise and look for methods to make the process simpler for yourself. The author Mark Brigden offers some insights into the aspects of publishing his book that he disliked the most and explains why it is vital to confront such aspects.

What software did you use to write your book?

What method are you using to compose your manuscript? The type of task you are performing, as well as your preferred writing style and personal preferences, will determine the piece of software that is most suitable for you. Utilising writing software is a fantastic instrument that may assist you in enhancing your writing abilities and boosting your overall efficiency. Author Mark Brigden discusses the process he used to write his manuscript, as well as the most vital ingredient that must be included in any kind of writing strategy.

If a famous author could mentor you, who would it be?

An author may gain a lot from the experience of having a successful best-selling author serve as a mentor to them. Author Mark Brigden talks about the person he would most want to have as a mentor and explains why the most essential thing when seeking a mentor is to find one who is a good match for your requirements and whose expertise and advice coincide with what you’re seeking to learn and accomplish as a writer.

How did you find your target reading audience?

Are you someone who wants to make a difference and change the world? In the process of publishing a book, one of the most crucial steps is to identify the author’s “perfect reader” or “target audience.” It enables the author to get a better understanding of the requirements, interests, and preferences of their readers, which may assist them in the process of writing a book that will connect with those readers. Author Mark Brigden elaborates on the kind of individuals who might like and profit from reading his book.

How would you publish your book differently if you had a Groundhog Day rewind?

Believe in yourself: One of the most essential things a writer can do for themselves is to have faith in themselves and the skills they possess. If he were to revise his work one more time, author Mark Brigden contemplates what he would do differently this time around. However, the most important aspect is to ensure that you enjoy the whole publishing process and not get disheartened if it takes longer than you had anticipated. Although it might be difficult at times, writing should also be enjoyable and fulfilling for the writer. Keep in mind that you’re engaging in an activity that you’re enthusiastic about, and make an effort to appreciate the process just as much as the destination.

What was the most difficult part of writing your book?

The process of writing a book may be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. What kinds of obstacles do you find particularly difficult to overcome? Author Mark Brigden discusses the most difficult challenge he had while writing his book and how he overcame it. As a writer, if you go into too much detail in a book, it may make the story or the content difficult to follow and comprehend. Additionally, going into too much detail might make the book excessively lengthy and boring to read. It is essential to provide just enough information to make the narrative or the material understandable and interesting, without inundating the reader with an excessive number of details they do not need.

What was the best money you ever spent to help you improve as a writer?

Do you really need to spend a lot of money in order to be successful as a writer? The literary world is seeing a surge in the popularity of the self-publishing movement, which is only expected to continue. It grants writers a greater degree of control over the creative process, more royalties, and a more expedited publishing schedule, among other advantages. Author Mark Brigden discusses what he now believes to be an essential component of being a writer, and why spending money on it is necessary.

Do you think knowing your writing options is helpful?

Authors have access to a wide variety of writing and publishing opportunities, each of which comes with its own set of advantages. The advantages of using traditional publishing are reputation and credibility, the benefits of using self-publishing are control and larger royalties, and the advantages of using hybrid publishing are a balance of support and control. It is essential that writers investigate all of their possibilities in order to choose which one is the most suitable for both themselves and their work. Before settling on a choice, it is essential for authors to investigate all of the possibilities and consider the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative. Author Mark Brigden discusses how being aware of your alternatives and your options improves the quality of your work.

Has writing your book “Become a Game Changer altered your perspective on yourself?

The process of writing a book may have a significant influence not only on the author’s sense of self-perception but also on the author’s reputation. On a more individual level, it may be a voyage of self-discovery and a method to strengthen one’s writing talents all at the same time. On a professional level, it may be an effective method to position oneself as an expert and enhance both exposure and reputation. On the other hand, it may be stressful on the author’s emotions and put them in the spotlight for examination and criticism. Mark Brigden, the author, discusses the positive effects that writing and publishing his book have had on him on both a personal and professional level.

Did you come across any unethical practices when publishing your book?

Unethical publishing practices are any means used by publishers or literary agencies that take advantage of, exploit, or mislead writers. Because unethical publishing methods may lead to readers being misled and writers being exploited, it is imperative that authors conduct their homework and proceed with caution when dealing with any publisher or service that makes unrealistic promises or demands hefty fees. Throughout the process of writing his book, author Mark Brigden provides his observations on these practices.

What’s Mark Brigden’s next move?

Mark Brigden, an author and creative strategist, is pleased to talk about the innovative and unique concepts he is working on right now. The term “creative strategy” refers to the use of innovative and original concepts to accomplish a certain aim or purpose. Businesses, marketers and communicators can use these strategies to achieve their goals, influence their audience and gain a competitive edge. Numerous benefits, including problem-solving, enhanced effectiveness, increased engagement, competitive advantage, and flexibility, are provided by creative solutions. By inspiring a feeling of interest, connection, emotional involvement, novelty, excitement, and simplicity, they may also have an impact on how other people behave.

Where can readers get a copy of Become a Game Changer?

Mark Brigden, the author of this incredible book, tells you where you can get yourself a copy to read and share with your friends and associates.

Insight from Author Mark Brigden

Author Mark Brigden imparts some profound wisdom on the craft of writing. One of the major benefits of writing a book is the potential to leave behind a legacy for future generations. This is one of the many reasons why writing a book is such an essential and vital endeavour. Building an author platform, making a difference in the world, and leaving a tangible record of one’s life and ideas for future generations are all possible outcomes that can be achieved through the act of writing a book. One can record their thoughts, experiences, and insights through the act of writing a book. It is a powerful tool for shaping the world and making an impact.