Recommended Creative Writing Books

Our vision is to help writers to speak the same language as publishers and give them the tools, insider knowledge and creative writing skills they need to reach their goals of getting published. These creative writing books are designed to help the author become more productive and meet industry standards.

These creative writing tool books are designed to track writers’ daily word counts on their manuscripts to help to strengthen their writing performance. It is an essential step to work out how many words you need to write every day for your manuscript to meet the key requirements for publishing a successful book.

The front cover of Track My Words book.

Track My Words

This word count journal adds your running total at the end of each day. Also tracks your energy and how you felt each day.

The bookcover of My Manuscript Countdown journal.

My Manuscript Countdown

This word count journal enables you to record your writing sprints. Also contains a progressive word count.

Professional writers find that tracking their daily word count is essential to them meeting their publishing deadlines. So, if it’s vital to them, then it should be for you as well. Experts say “what gets tracked, gets managed”, so this is your way of staying on top of your creative writing project. Reaching your total word count doesn’t have to be a chore, you can enjoy watching your daily writing, weekly and monthly word counts rise.